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Joanna Moore, 6 Who Care honoree, lives her faith in action

Joanna Moore is the Director of CrossWalk Community Outreach’s year round programming.   As one of the founders of the twice-monthly food program, she knew that since CrossWalk began its outreach of “Giving Back to the Neighborhood”, each person she helps can, and often does, becomes a volunteer tomorrow. “It’s pretty basic,” Joanna says, “When you put your hand out to help, it comes back. That’s why I hate the word clients. I like to use the word neighbors. And it takes the involvement of the entire community to make it a success.” It also takes organization and know-how, and she has those skills, after working for a decade with The Root Cellar in Portland. She worked as a volunteer in their children’s and adult’s programs and spent three years as their food pantry manager. She serves on the board of the Food Security Council for southern Maine, and has been working as an advocate on behalf of food pantries for the past 20 years. She and her husband, David, moved to Naples in 1988.Joanna serves on the seven-member board of CrossWalk Community Outreach with her husband David, Nancy Vose, Lindsay and Mark Clement, Christy Hafford, Don Moore, and Dick Gouette. Since they began, their volunteer ranks have swelled to around 60 people, who help with setup and cleaning on alternate Mondays. Volunteers also help run two other CrossWalk programs — a free clothes closet and community gardens.One of the reasons her volunteerism stands out is that she always has an eye out for what more can be done, and how it can be done better.  “We go out of our way to provide healthy food for our community. Many people have diseases or they’re sick, or they can’t afford fresh food. The cheapest food is usually the processed food,” Joanna says. She has personally arranged with several local farmers, including Mark Rutland of River Run Farm, to provide surplus produce, and is ready to get in her car at the drop of a hat if someone calls saying they have fresh food to donate. Joanna knows that people can never achieve their highest potential if their basic needs aren’t met. “That’s scientific, as well as what the good Lord said,” she says. Moore feels blessed to be part of a community effort “I have a great support system, and my husband is the wind beneath my wings”.


More on Joanna:

Advisory Council member for Southern Maine Agency (SMAAA) on Aging

ServSafe certification


Living with chronic conditions instructor for SMAAA​​​​


Advocate for Seniors/SMAAA services in yearly town budget meetings


Cumberland County Food Security Council member​​


Lake Region hunger advocate


Member of Maine Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster (VOAD).


Red Cross disaster volunteer for Cumberland County and nation - 2004 to present


First Aid/CPR trained​​​​


Hunger advocacy for seniors and food insecure in Lake Region and Cumberland County


SOS Maine volunteer: Share our Strength of Maine volunteer


Kid's Summer Lunch volunteer recruiter and volunteer

PO Box 64, Naples ME 04055

United States 


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